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Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Unless you give us explicit permission, we don't sell data that directly identifies you. As a California resident, you can make choices about sharing. We use your data to deliver your service and customize your experience. But we also share data in ways that may be considered a sale of personal information according to new California state laws. As a California resident, you can choose whether you want this sharing or not:

  • We share data among the different SEDES's programs. That is one way a SEDES customer might get a discount offer or an invitation to access new educational programs.

  • When we share data with others, it's with strict privacy protections and for limited reasons, such as providing outcomes from our educational programs to regulatory agencies or program grantors. We might also share your information within SEDES's outreach and marketing to help us calculate impact ratings or deliver the most relevant advertising.

Remember, we don't sell data that directly identifies you unless we have your explicit permission, no matter what choice you make here. We appreciate your business; however, you ask us to handle your data.

Law requires us to provide you with an option to opt-out. To do it, click on the link below.

System for Education, Empowerment, and Success.


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