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English Teachers

Our students need teachers who:

love to teach, are good public speakers, are creative, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Job Title
Adult Education Teacher (Part-Time) - English as a New Language


Expiry Date 
Until Filled 


Job Description 


The System for Education Empowerment and Success (SEDES) programs are designed to assist you in the development of your skills and knowledge for today's workplace. We continue to work hard to serve youths and adults as they pursue their education, career and family goals. 


Under the supervision of the Academic Coordinator, provides instruction and facilitates learning experiences for out-of-school youth (ages 18 and over) and/or adult learners. Programs may include English as a New Language (ENL), Vocational English as a Second or Other Language (VESOL) and/or skill development courses related to family self-sufficiency or workforce preparation. This position requires an interest in, and commitment to, working in a non-traditional instructional program. English Literacy strives to teach students who need to focus on English Literacy skills, from letter formation, the connection between written and spoken English, and basic written life-skill English. Some students in this class may be able to communicate orally, while others may not. They may be pre-, non- or semi-literate in their own languages, and they will not have mastered the Roman alphabet. Students are introduced to oral and written English for the purposes of exchanging personal information and dealing with life-skill tasks in the world. Some, but not all, students in this class will have the goal of moving up into our English Basics. This position will work 6 to 24 hours per week, 10 months per year. This position is considered part-time. This teaching position will be located in Houston Texas Zip Code 77011.


Academic Coordinator 


• Instruction based on a specific curriculum and a non-traditional instructional system.
• Teaches academic skills in workplace or life skills context to small groups or individuals. 
• Conducts intake procedures, including academic and employment assessment, and student intake forms 
• Meets and teaches classes in accordance with the established system, methodology, schedule, procedures, and curriculum 
• Provides the appropriate educational opportunities and instruction for each student, according to his/her needs, abilities, and learning style 
• Maintains accurate and complete student files and related records as required by the SEDES. 
• Gathers data, compiles information and prepares reports as necessary for program accountability 
• Employs a variety of instructional techniques, media, and technology to present educational material in the most effective, creative, and fun manner to meet SEDES Learning Standards 
• Conducts assessment on an on-going basis to determine student achievement and areas for continued development 
• Adjusts teaching methods to accommodate students with suspected learning problems; refers those students to the Academic Coordinator for accommodations recommendations 
• Administers Best Plus and SEDES’s tests and is able to interpret results for appropriate classroom level 
• Provides accurate and timely information to the appropriate personnel (i.e. Data Office) concerning enrollment and attendance 
• Classroom Management 
• Establishes and maintains good rapport and open communication with students, staff and partner agencies 
• Creates a classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students. 
• Creates enthusiasm by using innovative methods, materials, and procedures for effective learning experiences 
• Encourages student participation, creativity, and responsibility for learning experiences 
• Builds student pride in self-accomplishment, self-worth 
• Makes students a part of the learning experience by encouraging participation in planning and goal setting 
• Implements policies to maintain order and discipline in the classroom 
• Utilizes available support services, agencies or organizations to help ensure student success 
• Orients students to appropriate organization policies and procedures 
• Plans and implements use of classroom time effectively 
• Maintains contact with students absent from class to encourage continued participation
• Participates in recruitment and promotional activities to sustain program viability 
• Instructional Planning 
• Plans individual and/or group learning activities designed to meet student needs, the needs of individual learners, and SEDES Learning Standards. 
• Prepares for classes assigned and shows evidence of preparation upon request of supervisory personnel 
• Participates with other staff members in curriculum planning during designated meetings 
• Incorporates diagnostic information and student reported information provided through the intake to meet the needs of individual students 
• Utilizes supplies, equipment, materials, and facilities efficiently 
• Critiques materials and educational technology and provides an evaluation to the appropriate supervisor 
• Schedules time to effectively carry out all lesson planning and instruction in a timely and efficient manner 
• Professional Development 
• Participates in required staff development as required by SEDES, state and federal guidelines 
• Maintains and enhances professional competence through professional reading, participation in workshops, conferences and other staff development as directed 
• Attends staff meetings and conference days as required 
• Professional Behavior 
• Maintains student and program confidentiality in accordance with state and federal law, as well as district policy 
• Completes tasks in a timely manner 
• Effectively conveys ideas and concepts to others 
• Other duties as assigned. May require working varied hours. 


• Bachelor's Degree in education (preferred) (a minimum of high school or equivalent diploma required).
• Candidate will require to successfully complete SEDES’s teaching certification in TMI Learning System (required). SEDES will pay training hours.
• Experience teaching out-of-school youth or adult learners (preferred) 
• Familiarity with SEDES Learning Standards, Adult Education NRS Levels, and Adult Education Learning Theory (preferred) 
• Proven experience accelerating measurable student learning in urban schools (preferred) 
• Training and or experience with Culturally Relevant Education (preferred) 
• Prior demonstration of exemplary attendance and punctuality is expected of any candidate for hire. 
• Ability to teach learners English as a new language (all levels) 
• Competence in subject matter assigned to teach 
• Knowledge of computer applications and educational technology as related to instruction 
• Effective problem solving, communications, organization, record keeping and human relations skills
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Ability to teach learners with varied learning styles 
• Ability to work effectively with a wide range of students in a diverse community 
• City Residents are encouraged to apply! 

To apply please send us your resume at

We also need volunteers. Are you interested in volunteering?

It may be because you have time on your hands, you want to do something worthwhile, or have a particular skill you want to use for the benefit of others. You may want to build your confidence or gain/brush up on skills to improve job prospects. The most important reason for volunteering is because you want to. SEDES offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities from classroom instruction to event support. To learn more about all the volunteering opportunities, click the Apply Here button below.

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