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Youth Empowerment and Awareness

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Life Skills Training For Juveniles

The Chose Your Life (CYL) program assists local judges, probation and/or local court’s staff, and juvenile detention centers in the process of preventing youth offenders to relapse in certain misconduct.

The CYL intervention is an interactive 4-modules program intended to build life skills, increase knowledge about healthy attitudes and prevention, educate youth about alternatives to running away, and encourage youth to access and seek help from trusted community members.

This program is available for juvenile detention centers.

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Teenage Pregnancy Prevention

Although declining, the rates of teenage pregnancy are still high. SEDES supports youth by encouraging and preparing them for sexual decision-making and pacing that will effect both them and their families.

The SEDES's Teenage Pregnancy Prevention program increases teens’ abstinence and cessation, decreases teens’ pregnancy rates; decreases teens’ HIV/STD rates and decreases teens’ sexual risk behaviors. This programs are available for middle schools and high schools. 


Education Achievement

Our Youth Empowerment programs help adolescents to:

1) Graduate from high school; 2) Enroll in post-secondary education careers; 3) Improve their life skills; 4) Develop self-confidence and decision making; and 5) Reduce dropout rates.

Any student can grow in leadership skills with the proper instruction and practice 

Our country needs strong and courageous people who can lead with integrity. Our youth programs polish the brilliant diamonds that will become our country's leaders of the future.

This program is available for middle schools and high schools.

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Prevention

SEDES’S Substance Abuse Prevention Program focuses on helping adolescents to understand the causes of substance abuse and to prevent its onset. Substance abuse has serious consequences in our homes, schools, and communities. The primary goal of prevention is to delay the first use of alcohol or other drugs. SEDES aims to prevent and to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and improve social behavior among teenagers. 

This program is available for middle schools and high schools.

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