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Make A Crypto-Donation To Education

Your donations directly benefit low-income students to continue their academic programs (English classes (ESL), GED, financial education courses, electricity courses, computers, personal enrichment, empowerment, and prevention) for both adults and adolescents. Here are some ways you can support this worthy cause.


Before you sell crypto currency and donate the after-tax proceeds, consider donating your crypto directly to charity. This model includes two significant benefits, both for you and the charity:

  • Your tax deduction will be equal to the fair market value of the donated bitcoin (as determined by a qualified appraisal).

  • Your gift to charity will be larger because instead of paying capital gains taxes, the 501(c)(3) charity will receive the full value of your contribution.

In Person

7037 Capitol St. Suite E221
Houston, TX 77011


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


Donate any form of cryptocurrency directly online. 

By Check

It's easy to donate offline too.

Mail your check donation to 

7037 Capitol St. Suite E221

Houston, TX 77011


BBVA For Your Cause®

By opening a checking account, BBVA Bank will donate directly into our account. To participate, please tell your BBVA representative that you want to support us through BBVA For Your Cause® and provide the following code: 112980

Do your regular online shopping and Amazon will donate. Simply click above or go to:


Kroger will donate when you do your regular groceries shopping. Simply visit Once logged into your Kroger account search for System for Education Empowerment and Success either by name or LX541 code and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address, and a Kroger rewards card.

Are you interested in volunteering?

It may be because you have time on your hands, you want to do something worthwhile, or have a particular skill you want to use for the benefit of others. You may want to build your confidence or gain/brush up on skills to improve job prospects. The most important reason for volunteering is because you want to. SEDES offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities from classroom instruction to event support. To learn more about all the volunteering opportunities, click the Apply Here button below.

System for Education, Empowerment, and Success.


Phone: (832) 537-8249

Address: 7037 Capitol St. Suite E221, Houston, TX, 77011

501 (c)(3) organization: 26-2955047

Thank you to our sponsors, donors and key partners

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