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SEDES provides business class training services to improve employee effectiveness in the workplace.


Poor English and Computer skills and a resistance to adhere to a positive Corporate Culture among the employees leads to more mistakes in the workplace, which in turn leads to decreased productivity.

Employee Retention

When employees can communicate effectively with their companies, they can easily understand the importance of adherence to Corporate Culture and acquiring new job skills. This helps the company become 50% more likely to report turnover levels below the industry average.

Workplace Accidents

Poor English communication and technology skills and low Corporate Culture results in higher rates of injury and death.

Customer Service

Customer service is impacted by poor English communication and computer skills and low Corporate Culture in the workplace. Employees do not have the information and skills they need to achieve quality expectations.

Maximize Human Potential

The SEDES' SUCCEED@Work program offers a business class integration of challenging courses for the empowerment of employees aimed to increase productivity and employee retention, improve customer service, and reduce accidents at the workplace. This program includes 5S Methodology training, Specific Industry Intensive English Language, and Basic Technology Skills.

Customized curriculums

Our effective curriculums are tailored to fit specific industry needs.


Personalized relationships with the company to achieve goals effectively.


More than ten years bringing results to corporations, public schools, and individuals in the community.


As a valuable community supporter, SEDES will provide brand recognition.


  • SUCCEED@Work brings a Corporate Solution that helps industries increase productivity, increase employee retention, reduce accidents, and improve customer service.

  • The program integrates Intensive English language, Basic Technology Skills, and 5S Methodology System Training for employees.

  • Customized curriculums address specific industry needs.

  • Flexible pricing.

  • All funding from SUCCEED@Works feeds youth and adult empowerment, education, and job skills programs.

  • SEDES is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization which makes all contributions to us tax deductible.

  • As a valuable community supporter, SEDES will provide brand recognition in its media and at public events.

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System for Education, Empowerment, and Success.


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